Intelectual Property

Carpio, Ochoa, Martinez & Brik specializes in the protection of intellectual property rights both nationally and internationally.

To date, we have developed a specialized area against the fight against counterfeiting, piracy and unfair competition, which is currently consolidating itself as one of the most active at the national level in the preparation, organization and implementation of legal actions between administrative, criminal and civil authorities.

Some of the specific services we offer consist of negotiation, administration of trademarks, trade names, commercial notices, appellations of origin, domain names; copyright, including all types of works, computer programs, related rights and reservations of rights to exclusive use; licenses of rights and franchises; matters related to advertising and industrial secrets, as well as the processing of sanitary registrations.

In the field of new creations, our legal services in this area include services from the legal and technical study regarding the feasibility of protecting an invention that obeys the rules of Patents; o understand the technical modification to an existing product in order to make it more useful in terms of its use or the arrangement of its parts and protect it via the rules of a utility model; or understand an aesthetic modification to an existing product so that it has a greater acceptance by the consumer public to then protect it via the rules of Industrial Designs.

We also have the experience related to obtaining plant variety registrations under the corresponding legislation.

In this order of ideas in the area of new creations we can find the following services: I) Obtaining patents, II) Registrations of utility models, III) Registration of industrial designs, IV) Obtaining plant varieties, V) Drafting and negotiation of license, exploitation and verification of use of each and every one of the aforementioned figures, VI) Preparation of administrative complaints against the unauthorized exploitation of the aforementioned figures, as well as the previous measures against the alleged infringers, and VII) The legal opinion of how the figures work, how they are processed, exploited and protected against third parties: patents, utility models, industrial designs and plant varieties.

For purposes of matters outside Mexico, we have a wide range of firms dedicated to this matter of Industrial Property with which we work in order to protect the aforementioned figures and their respective exploitation.

Likewise, in Carpio, Ochoa, Martinez & Brik represents its clients in jurisdictional and administrative proceedings of expiration, infringement, nullity of industrial and intellectual property rights, mediation and arbitration; as well as the prosecution of crimes where these rights are involved; including anti-piracy operations.

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